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We fostered and then adopted a sibling group of five children. Talk about instant family! Now we use our experiences and our passion for foster and adopted children, their caseworkers, and their biological families to encourage and support others.

We never dreamed we would have a large family. We never thought we would struggle to find a kitchen table or a car that would fit us all. But God had a plan for us much bigger than us as a couple, or us as a family. Our story starts with infertility and it continues to this day. From infertility, to foster care, to adoption (with a few detours along the way), and our life after. Thanks for following us! We love answering your questions, just ask!

Kristal Black

Current Vlogs

Teaching our five kids to ski

It’s something Jared said we would never do…teach all 5 kids to ski AT THE SAME TIME!! It turned out even better than expected. Check out how great they did!

Saturday with us

Ever wonder what a typical Saturday looks like for a large family? Follow along with us!

What is Secondary Trauma

We hiked every single trail at Henning State Park while I talk a little bit about secondary trauma and how it affects us as foster and adoptive parents.

Getting ready for your Homestudy

The Homestudy is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of getting licensed to foster or adopt. We walk you through a few things you can do to be ready and hopefully convince you it’s not quite as scary as you thought!

Current Blogs

  • Die to Self

    Fair warning: Unpopular opinion to follow. Have you heard the phrase, “Die to self?” All Bible lessons aside…isn’t this what motherhood is about? Putting the needs of others ahead of our own…including (and, in my case, especially) our ego???This morning was particularly rough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never smooth trying to get 5 kids […]

  • OUR ADOPTION JOURNEY-From Zero to Five Kids Overnight

    All adoption journeys are unique, we know we are little biased but we think our adoption journey is the best of all: We knew early in our marriage that if we were not able to conceive naturally we would adopt.  Originally the plan was international but as you will see, that spiraled into something much […]

  • I Didn’t Know I Had Anxiety

    It turns out that I’ve had anxiety for a while now.  I’m controlling and extremely type A which I suppose made me the ideal candidate for adopting a sibling group of five out of foster care.  I’ve always known I was controlling.  I’ve always known I was type A.  These were simply annoying character traits […]

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