Parenting Resources

Check out a few of our favorite parenting resources. If you have any we should check out, let us know!

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This is hands down the best parenting book I have found. The main focus of the book is helping parents teach their children how to be responsible, confident, and ready when they enter the “real world”. I love the focus on letting children make small mistakes and experience the consequences of those mistakes so that they have the confidence and knowledge to make good choices when those consequences are much larger. You learn to parent without draining yourself and in a calm manner. Best of all, the last half of the book offers specific advice in dealing with common issues like lying, stealing, bullying, etc. I can’t even count how many copies of this book I have purchased. I keep giving them away! It is THAT good!

This book is actually very similar to “Parenting with Love and Logic” but it adds a faith based twist. You still get lots of advice about giving choices and setting firm limits and you learn how to teach your children to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. This skill alone will promote confidence and strengthen their relationship skills. I think I’ve given this book away too…I can’t seem to find it. 🙂

So, this book was hard for me but, I still highly recommend it. This book will help you learn how to best connect with your children by learning their “Love Language”. If you’ve never heard the phrase “love language”, it refers to learning how you or someone you love feels loved. Giving words of encouragement, writing thoughtful notes, hugs and other positive touch, and giving gifts are just a few. Your child may not speak the same love language you do, they simply may not feel loved in the same ways you do. This is a huge challenge because there may be a love language you loathe…but it may just be the way your child feels loved. We have to set aside our preferences if we want to connect with our children and make them feel loved. So hard. I’m interested to hear how you feel about this book!