I Didn’t Know I Had Anxiety

It turns out that I’ve had anxiety for a while now.  I’m controlling and extremely type A which I suppose made me the ideal candidate for adopting a sibling group of five out of foster care.  I’ve always known I was controlling.  I’ve always known I was type A.  These were simply annoying character traits … Read more

Why we believe #adoptionrocks

You may have noticed that our family seemed to miss this year’s #WorldAdoptionDay and #OrphanSunday both of which occurred this past weekend.  That was only partially intentional, to be honest, we needed a weekend to just be a family.  We dealt with some heart issues that had been festering in our home, spent time with … Read more

Focus on Your Heart

How the boys and I felt this Monday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary. I slept through my alarm, then my backup alarm, and finally got up at the same time I’m supposed to be getting #bambam up for his shower. Just like any other day, I staggered around, breaking up arguments, reminding myself not … Read more


This is me this week. A little dramatic maybe but I look at this picture of my precious #princesspea and I know exactly how she feels.  She wants to give up.  In this moment, learning to ride her bike is not worth the frustration and pain. This week I leveled with God.  I told him, … Read more

The “C” Word: Counseling

I feel like we need to talk about the “c” word: COUNSELING. Be honest, when you hear that word, do you feel your brain shutting down?  Mine did.  When we started our foster journey, we knew that counseling would be an option.  Even that it was encouraged for us and for the kids.  But counseling … Read more

Family Vacation = An Adventure!

Vacationing has always been a bit of an adventure for Jared and I.  Jared is very spontaneous and likes to have “experiences” while I’m usually content with simplicity and familiarity.  Last year, we added 5 children to our typical vacation adventures and it quickly turned into vacation insanity.  A good insanity though…sometimes! There’s something wonderful … Read more

Go To Your Circle

I have a confession…I hate Sunday mornings.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I say the words, “I hate Sundays” under my breath almost every Sunday morning but I don’t really mean it.  We get ready for school five days a week with relatively few hiccups but somehow Sunday mornings feel incredibly hectic and stressful.  Perhaps … Read more

Unfamiliar Territory

It’s been one year and 6 months since we finalized our adoption. Most days I’m in the trenches, learning how to be a mom, working full time, figuring out what a wife looks like when 5 kids are thrown in the mix, learning how to cook, and swimming through lots and lots of laundry.


I have a tendency to overthink things. Shocking…I know. Maybe that’s why Christmas gets harder and harder for me each year. The extravagance that is the American Christmas makes me sick to my stomach…