Let It Go

If your household is anything like mine you were consumed with the Disney movie, Frozen. Even today, when the movie of choice is Moana, my girls play Elsa and Ana and #4 even does a whole routine with her little blankie to the song “Let it Go” that is quite dramatic. For years I would … Read more

This is it? vs. This is it.

Momming is treading water. Not momming is LIKE treading water, momming IS treading water. At summer camp as a kid, I participated in several swim training courses. One of which, in a sort of survival training, we were required to jump into the pool fully clothed and tread water for a period of time. Of … Read more

Mom’s Night Out

Y’all. Tonight is “Mom’s Night Out”. What does that even mean? We’ve tried “Mom’s Night Off” a couple of times and I’ve even been known to go on strike on occasion but this is my first evening out. Of the house. Alone. Not even one child. Yikes! So here I am, sitting in the back … Read more

Full Time

Full Time Wife Full Time Employee Full Time Mom What are 3 roles I’ve not been fulfilling well? Y’all. Balancing wife, job, and children is hard. I’ve been recognizing my failures in these 3 areas lately and it’s made me desperate to change it. I’ve said before, I don’t like to do things at any … Read more

Black Day

Happy Black Day! One year ago today, we became a family. One year ago, I became a mom and Jared became a dad. The last year has gone by quickly but at the same time, it feels like we have always been together. There have been great strides made this year and we have faced … Read more

Treasuring & Pondering

What a difference a year makes! One year ago this week we traveled to St. Louis full of anticipation and returned 3 days later completely crushed. This morning, I am happily sipping coffee listening to two of my FIVE children play. One is playing barista while the other sounds more like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie … Read more

Games & Responsibilities

This is the Black Family Immunity Idol. Just a bath toy on a draw string from one of Jared’s hoodies but it is the most sought after toy in our house. Usually it is a hidden immunity idol but sometimes it is earned by good behavior or by winning a “challenge”. It entitles the finder/winner … Read more

Go Big or Go Home

I was made for this. By nature, I am an organizer…a planner…a drill sergeant. Jared was made for this too only with a completely opposite skill set. He is exciting, spontaneous, and silly. Things are going well with Troop B. The kids love their new school and church. The honeymoon is over and the boundary … Read more

So This is Happening

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12 NLT I admit, I fixated on this verse for a long time. I stumbled upon it shortly after we returned from St. Louis and it so perfectly described our adoption journey and my feelings about the journey that … Read more

This Guy…

You all know how awesome Jared is and I’m really not very good at being sappy so I’ll let the pictures do the talking…well, most of it. But first, God has great things in the works for us! Please continue praying for us and the family God has created for us. Stay tuned! More is … Read more