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I was definitely caught off guard when my kids began to get a bit smelly. You know, the dreaded body odor. In fact, I was so freaked out that I took to the internet to find an alternative to traditional deodorant and all it’s chemicals I didn’t want to expose my kids to yet. Native was the first and only product I tried because, it works and it’s affordable. Native is aluminum free and made in the US. I actually switched from Dove Clinical Protection to Native myself and have been pleasantly surprised! Be aware, aluminum free deodorant does not keep you from sweating, it just keeps you from being stinky. I was surprised by this but adjusted quickly.

Walmart and Target carry Native products but I’ve found that it is cheaper to buy online in a 3 pack. If you use the link to the left, you get a free mini deodorant (handy to keep in your backpack or purse)!

This is a product that, as a mom, I’m super excited about. Recently, I took the older girls on a “girls only weekend” to talk about all things puberty and growing up. In preparation for the weekend I spent some time reflecting on my own experiences and realized there is a lot of fear and uncertainty that comes with starting and having your period. So many embarrassing moments are etched in my memory and I wanted to make sure I do everything I can do to help my girls navigate this new world with as little embarrassment as possible. Enter period underwear. Who wouldn’t want a little extra assurance during their period? I honestly wish I had discovered this for myself a long time ago (and before my hysterectomy)! These are designed to replace pads for your tween or teen but either way, isn’t the peace of mind worth the extra expense?? I definitely think so!

Thinx BTWN has graciously provided my girls with their very own Fresh Start Period Box which includes 3 pairs of their period underwear. Thank you Thinx!

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